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Welcome to your first step towards


Shala L. Brown, RN, BSN, LSN

Owner, Certified Life Coach & Certified Meditation Instructor,  Registered Nurse & Ordained Spiritual Advisor

Providing Personal Concierge Services For The Mind~Body~Spirit


My Journey

Life is a journey. Full of highs and lows, peaks and valleys. Growing up I often wondered why it seemed as if I had to experience everything first hand. I couldn't just learn from another person's experience? But now, it all makes sense to me. It was my journey preparing me to help you walk through yours. Peace Within allows me to do life with those that I come into contact with. I don't just read you what a book says or quote you an affirmation. I fully give of myself from my life experiences to help you gain clarity, focus, and  peace of mind through Peace Coaching and Guided Meditation.  You choose what you need NOW. I am here to serve you with over 40 years in spiritual training and 23 years in healthcare as a Registered Nurse. I am fully equipped to serve the entire person: Mind, Body, and Spirit. My desire is to see individuals gain peace of mind and optimal health so that they can live their best life now. You owe it to yourself. Let's do life together. 

I'm ready when you are. 

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