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Peace Coaching

Peace Coaching provides me the opportunity to work alongside the client step-by-step in the area of concern that they have chosen in order to reach an agreed upon end goal to live their optimal life now. Areas of concern may include but are not limited to: career goals, educational pursuits, personal challenges, spiritual advisory, or obtaining a healthier lifestyle. The work will include advice, guidance, and encouragement utilizing: real life testimonials, researched clinical interventions, evidence-based skilled dialogue, and scientific proven strategies that will safely guide and support the client. Healing will take place over the course of each session, allowing the client to transition to an increased peace of mind where they no longer have to carry the weight of worry, fear or disappointment about a particular problem or difficulty. Throughout the peace coaching journey, the client will be protected in a confidential and safe environment during the healing process, yielding growth and freedom in their mind, body and spirit. 


Individual 60 minute session: $60


2 months- (4) 60 minute sessions: $200

4 months- (8) 60 minute sessions: $400

6 months- (12) 60 minute sessions: $600

12 months- (16) 60 minute sessions: $800

*All packages include unlimited email support during time of service

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