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Guided Meditation

The art of meditation has been utilized for thousands of years and has been clinically proven to yield clients with a sense of inner peace, balance, affirmation, physical healing, unmeasurable joy and contentment, appreciating the beauty of life that is all around them. It also has positive medicinal effects that include: decrease in stress, lowering blood pressure, increasing energy, reversal of insomnia, healing sadness & depression, and increasing ones outlook on life through mental clarity and focus. Each meditation is custom designed for the client after completing the intake process. During the intake, important information will be gained about the client's life history, goals, dreams, strengths, and opportunities for growth. With the client's shared information, the meditation will be designed specifically for them to hear what they are desiring to receive in order to live their optimal life now, in their mind~body~spirit.

Prepaid Virtual Sessions:

Individual 60 minute session: $75

Prepaid Live Sessions:

Individual 60 minute session: $150


Prepaid Packages: 

(4) pre-paid 60 minute virtual sessions: $225

(4) pre-paid 60 minute live sessions: $450

Prepaid Group Meditation:

60 minute LIVE group session, minimum of 10 participants: $1200


(12) monthly prepaid 60 minute sessions: Virtual- $800, Live- $1500

*Must use within 13 months. (1) free transferable meditation; $10 for each additional transfer.

On Call, Same Day Service Requests:

For same day, on call booking, please add a $40 convenience fee.

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