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At the age 19, I entered healthcare as a State Tested Nursing Assistant. In 2009, I became a LPN through the Central School of Practical Nursing in Cleveland, Ohio. I completed my education in 2012 as a Registered Nurse. My passion for travel led me to California as a critical care travel nurse in 2014. Following the palm trees and sunshine, I relocated to Central Florida where I currently work as a Cath Lab/Imaging Registered Nurse. 

Health & wellness have always been important to me. During the COVID-19 pandemic I trained to become a certified yoga instructor to find a way to combat the stressors of everyday life, and bring a holistic approach to fitness for my family and friends. 

Yoga provides a space to escape from the busy pace of life to refocus, reset and realign ourselves with our individual purpose.  Connecting mind, body & soul cultivates an awareness that will enhance your everyday life.  I invite you to explore your inner strength through the discipline of yoga practice.  


Nicole Ellis

C-HYI Certified Holy Yoga Instructor


My mission is to guide you on a journey of exploring your inner self through the unity of mind, body & soul. 


Small group virtual session:

10 people

30 minute session $100


Small group live session:

10 people

30 minute session $150

For booking, email:


Individual virtual & live sessions coming soon!

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