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A Race of One

The sun may be shining, and the heat smoldering. Sweat beading on your brow, and you’re hoping it doesn’t run into your eye. Or, it may be cold, windy and raining so hard that you can’t see clearly in front of you. There’s nothing like cold rain pounding on your body- feels like pin pricks. But you must ignore the elements that may be opposing you. Runners take your place. Get in your assigned lane. Do your final stretch. Get set in your block. Put one leg bent in front, other leg behind you, knee down then slowly come up; adjust your hands shoulder to shoulder in front of you and plant your fingertips perfectly to the ground. Head down. On your mark. Get set. Starter gun fires. Go! Take off out of your block- you must come out the blocks on point! You begin to run your first few steps, then your head lifts and your eyes look straight ahead….

I’m sure as you read that, you were able to envision the race, and everything that the runner had to do to get ready to take off. I absolutely loved running track in junior high and high school. Track was my favorite sport, first only to football because I was a female, and, in those days, females did not play football!

I remember how quiet everything would get when I was getting my cleats set in my blocks. Yes, there were runners to my left and right, but they were not my focus. The white lines ahead, so that I stayed in my own lane- my focus. Positivity and clarity of mind- my focus. Belief that I could run my race- my focus. The white finish line ahead- my focus. My breathing techniques- my focus. Proper body and arm alignment- my focus. Winning- my focus. Doing my own personal best- my focus. All of those comprised my sole focus.

When the gun went off, it was game on. I could hear cheers from family and team mates from the sidelines. I could hear coaches screaming their instructions from afar. But I also remember the inner quietness I heard, and the wind blowing pass my ears, as if I was the only one there. Crossing the finish line- sweet victory. I didn’t always have to win either. It was the accomplishment of finishing what I started that gave me joy. Pushing pass the burning of my lungs or calves. Pushing pass Charlie Horses or Shin Splint pains. Pushing pass exhaustion or fatigue and telling my mind “keep going, you got this, don’t quit!”.

Life is also a race. It begins at your first breath and it ends at your last. The middle- completely up to you. The Creator knows why you’re here and what you’ve been sent here to do. But you, my friend, you hold the key.

Will you fulfill your life’s purposed-mission, or will you stop mid-race? Will you focus on your race and your life assignment or will you worry about what others are doing? Will you stay in your lane to avoid disqualification, or will you step out of bounds? Or better yet, will you step off to the sidelines becoming a spectator instead of a contender?

You are in a race of one. It does not matter who else is doing what. It does not matter how far ahead the other person appears to be compared to you. It does not matter how many obstacles come your way to deter you or discourage you.

What does matter is that you finish the race that has been started in you. What matters is that you focus on being the best YOU. What matters is that you leave your imprint on this thing called life and leave your mark so that we know that you were here and that you made a positive impact. What matters is that you complete the assignment that the Creator sent you here to fulfill.

If you’ve started your race, and you’re running in your purpose- KUDOS! Keep going, you got this, don’t quit!

If you started but stopped, it’s okay. It’s not too late. Lace up your cleats again. Put blinders on so you can focus on YOU and get back in the race towards your purpose!

If you haven’t started, or you’re still asking, ‘why am I here?’, keep asking until you hear the answer. The Creator will tell you. (Ask. Seek. Knock. ---Ask. Believe. Receive.) And once you’ve heard it, do what you heard.

RUN YOUR RACE WITH EXCELLENCE. Run it in love. Run it in humility. Run it in confidence. Run it with a focus like no other. Run it NOW because time is not on your side. Yes, it is a race of one…but, you’re on the clock. Time does not stop ticking just because we do.

Get up. Lace up. Run your race. I. Believe. In. You.

I speak Peace & Blessings to your Highest Self,


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