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Abundant Living = Abundant Giving

The Universal Law of Reciprocity

Reaping and Sowing

Give and it shall be Given

Seed time and Harvest Time

Whichever principle title you relate to, your choice, it all yields the same effect. Whatever you release into the universe, world, and atmosphere, you shall receive a return on. Human nature thinks of self-preservation. “I have to take care of me”. “I’m Self-Made”. “I have to make it happen”. “I have to get mine before you get yours”.

However, higher level spiritual thinking challenges self-preservation. It puts others first. It’s not afraid to give. It does not worry about lack. It does not say “what about me?” Higher level spiritual thinkers LOOK for others to bless. They seek out opportunities to help another brother or sister. Their heart LEAPS at the opportunity to sow into someone else or to give to a charitable cause. They experience excitement and euphoria from giving; I must admit, it can be quite intoxicating! Let me give you an example.

Today, my son and I were in the checkout line in the grocery store. We had a lot of groceries. Have you ever looked back and seen the person behind you with their ONE item and you’re still loading your items on the conveyer belt? Ahhh gosh. Boy did my heart drop when I saw her. I smiled and jokingly said, “I wish you would have gotten here sooner before we started, I would have allowed you to go first!”. She graciously smiled and told me ‘no problem’. However, I’ve been that person and I know I was thinking “OMG!” in my head. Just then, my spiritual light bulb went off! I looked at her item, approached her and took it out of her hand. I walked back to the cashier and said, “please ring this up, place it in a separate bag, then hand it back to me”. The cashier, taken back just a bit, quietly and expeditiously granted my request. I walked back to the lady and handed her the bag. She still had not processed what had just happened until I hugged her and said, “God bless you!”. Then it clicked, and she gasped, thanking me repeatedly.

What’s in your hands.......What do I mean by that? Glad you asked!

Wherever you are in life, however much you have, you have more than enough to bless someone else. It does not take much. Trust me. You do not have to be wealthy. You do not have to own your own business. You do not have to have perfect credit. You do not have to have a perfect life. You just need a pure heart and willing spirit. There will ALWAYS be someone worse off than you. “You don’t know what I’m going through Shala”. You are absolutely right, I don’t. But what I DO know is as you’re looking up at someone else’s life imagining it’s better, someone else is looking up at yours.

The only way you’ll ever attain abundant living is to become an abundant giver. You must actually sow goodness in order to reap a harvest of goodness. Sow into someone else, and guess what? The Creator will have someone else sow into you. It’s His law. It always has been and will forever be. It won’t change.

So, how can you bless someone else today? Get to thinking, then get to doing! You’ll thank me later.

I speak Peace & Blessings to your Highest Self,


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