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It's Okay NOT To Be Okay

Can we have a real moment?

I wasn’t okay today. I had to fight for my peace. I had to fight for my joy. I had to fight to stay in a grateful place. There was an internal war on the inside of me between my Mind~Body~Spirit. My mind was foggy, toggling between so many different thoughts. My heart had so many matters that it was carrying; the weight in which I could literally feel it ache. My body was a bit tired, didn’t sleep as well as I would have liked to last night. My Spirit was leading the charge to balance its counterparts so that all could be well. So, today was not one of my better days. But guess what? That’s okay. Perfection does not exist on earth. There will be “off” days, so do not punish yourself when you have one, and do not pretend and ignore what you’re feeling.

Everyday will not be peaches and cream. The stars will not be perfectly aligned in your favor every single day. Sometimes you do have to wait on prayers to be answered, feeling the inner turmoil as you wait. You WILL have days when your mind jumps from thought to thought, as your Spirit jumps from prayer to prayer. For those who may have an illness or disease that they battle, whether chronic or acute, they personally know what ‘living with your body not performing at peak performance’ feels like.

However, all is still well. All will be well. All is well.

Remember that and talk yourself through that phrase the next time you’re processing a challenging day. Positive self-talk has healing power. Literally tell yourself “All IS well, despite what I’m facing. I AM well.” It WILL be okay. Ease up on yourself. Give yourself a pass. Allow yourself time to actively work through whatever you’re facing, feeling, thinking about, concerned about. It’s okay NOT to be okay. A dear friend taught me that principle 4 years ago when my father passed. I never knew that type of pain and grief, nor experienced so many different emotions all at the same time. But those 6 simple words that she spoke to me that day set me free: It’s okay NOT to be okay. And today, I give it to you and set you free.

Whatever you do that gives you peace, balance, and solitude: do it. If you don’t know what to do, let me offer a few suggestions to you. You can: pray, go for a walk, go for a run outside, workout, journal, cry (tears cleanse the soul), do Yoga, meditate, read, use guided imagery, listen to a motivational speaker, watch a funny movie, laugh, take a nap, sit on the patio and behold nature…..or simply sit in solitude and quietness, and do cleansing deep breaths. Just breathe.

I’ll tell you what I did today to help cleanse, center, and heal me. I confided in a wise friend, one of my confidants. She created a safe place for me to just be me, open and honest, to talk it out, she actively listened, then offered ‘self’. She established up front that she heard me, she felt me, and she cared. If you don’t have anyone you can confide in that will speak life back into you when you’re feeling down or low, please find one. Find someone who will jump down in the trenches with you, no questions asked, and help lift you up and out. True friends don’t leave you there. Thank you, my sister.

Remember perfection does not exist, but love does. Love heals. And it truly is okay not to be okay. Storms don’t come to stay. They come to pass. We may feel down from time to time but use your Spirit and fight to get back up. You are worth the fight.

I speak Peace & Blessings to your Highest Self,


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