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Lay Me Down in Green Pastures

The body is so beautifully made. Complex in all its ways. It has the innate ability to know when you’re sick, stressed, overloaded, or simply need a break. Over the last two weeks I felt my body slowing down though my schedule and to-do list was full steam ahead. I tried to ward off my impending doom that sickness was approaching. I drank water, tried to get as many hours of sleep each day as possible, took my natural over-the-counter supplements, and chose nutritious meals. However, D-Day still came.

I got off work, showered, then laid down. Little did I imagine that I would be laying in bed for the next 5 days. No energy, malaise, decreased strength and appetite, just a feeling of “blah” along with other symptoms. I remember one day lying in bed thinking “You’re being so unproductive. You have x, y, and z to do. Get up!” I began to cry. That was my mind talking. But my body looked at my mind and said, “No way, we’re not going anywhere!” So, there I laid, feeling helpless and needing the support of my family and friends. They began to bring care packages to the house, pray for me, and fix me meals. But in my mind, I wanted to scream because I’m the one who takes care of everyone else. I’m the nurse! The roles should not be in reverse. But Shala my dear, you are indeed sick. Finally, I had to own it.

I say all of this to say. Know when to lay down in green pastures so that your Mind, Body, and Spirit can be replenished. Green pastures come in various forms. It may be quiet time, self- detaching from all external sources. It may be a quick getaway. It may be lying in bed longer than normal allowing your body to rest and heal. You must determine what the healing power of your green pastures look like for you. The quicker you detect the need to pull away and rest awhile, the better off you’ll be. But, if those three components are sending you smoke signals and red flags and you choose to continue to ignore them, well, they will completely shut you down. You don’t want that. It may prolong your illness or rest time, even intensify your illness. Listen to your body. Listen to your Spirit. Listen to your Mind (only when it’s aligning with the other two; be cautious just listening to your mind, it may have you still over-extending yourself).

I’m happy to say on Day 6 my strength is coming back. Joy- coming back. Peace- coming back. Balance- coming back. Energy- coming back. Smile- coming back. Positive Outlook on Life- coming back. Enjoyment of my family and friends- back. My friend, know when to lie down. Know when to get up. Stay in communion with your trinity within. They are there to help you, not harm you. They want to see you win. But all of us have a day when it’s time to lie down in green pastures, so that your soul can be replenished.

I speak Peace & Blessings to your Highest Self,


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