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Think. Speak. Believe. Receive.

In your Being, you have creative power and authority to create what you want to see. The power is in your mind, your tongue, and your faith. What you speak is what you can receive. What you speak is what you can hold in your hand one day. If you believe.

Think. Speak. Believe. Receive. Too easy to ACTUALLY work, right? But, it truly is that simple. This principle has been in existence since the Creation, with the entire world being first thought then spoken into existence. The principle has continued to work and have the same creative power to this day.

But first, you must think about what you are thinking about. What do you want for your life, do you know? Have you taken a moment in meditation, solitude, quietness, or prayer to stop and envision what you want for your life? Can you see it before you SEE it?

Life and death are in the power of the tongue. You will eat the fruit and live the life of the one you choose. Life=positivity. Death=negativity. Just that simple. Don’t make it complicated. Choose words that represent positivity, light, life, power, goodness, kindness, and all the other great things that Life is just waiting to bring to your feet. Don’t waste time using meaningless words, toxic words, hurtful words, negative words that will bring a result that you truly don’t want. Be intentional with your word choices. Choose your words precisely and wisely.

We use the power of belief each and every day without even realizing it. We believe that when we go to sleep at night, we’ll wake up in the morning. We believe that when we put the key in the ignition, the car will start. We believe that when we pull out our chair to sit, it will have the ability to hold our weight. There are so many things that we believe in daily, great and small. So, why not believe in yourself and the very power that you have within? Believe in your visions and dreams. Believe in your hopes and faith. Believe in your plans and your goals. Simply believe.

Once you’ve thought of what goodness you want to come into your life, and you’ve spoken it and truly believe that it can, it will, and it shall happen- THEN, my friend, you wait to receive it. Just like when you order online, and you wait whole heartedly to receive your package in the mail, I want you to whole heartedly await to receive the goodness that you’ve thought, spoken and believed. Wait with patience. Wait with love. Wait with kindness. Wait with joy. Wait with the right spirit. Do not allow the passing of time to cause your heart to faint, allowing doubt and unbelief to creep in. Wait with full confidence that your goodness, your blessing, your dream, your vision is on its way.

Think it. Speak it. Believe it. Receive it. Your best life and your Highest level of Self is on the other side of that universal process.

I speak Peace & Blessings to your Highest Self,


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